FIFA 19: Random Goal Celebration Option Added

EA Sports has added a ‘Random Celebration’ option to FIFA 19, players have spotted while playing the new demo that released last week. After you score a goal, you can trigger it by hitting the circle button on the PlayStation 4 or the B button on Xbox One.

It’s unclear if the limitation on possibilities has been removed as well. For now, it means you don’t have to remember a series of button combinations and then execute them perfectly during the few seconds after a goal. Instead, you can sit back and just press the new random celebration button in FIFA 19 to witness something you might have never seen before.

You can read about our first impressions of the FIFA 19 demo, which we felt was a familiar and fun experience owing to the gameplay being similar to FIFA 18 albeit with some interesting new optional introductions by way of ‘Timed Finishing’ that brings a risk vs reward system in addition to big tactical changes in the name of ‘Game Plans’ – which riffs on Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer – and ‘Dynamic Tactics’.

FIFA 19 is out September 28 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. You can avail three-day early access by purchasing special editions, and eight-day early access by signing up for EA’s subscription-based offerings EA or Origin Access.