Scrum and SMMI are two distinct things that are used at corporate level. If both of them can be clubbed, you will find different supports at ease. You can go through the Agile And Scrum Training and from there you will find a similarity between them. To make it better understandable, start with the basic understanding of both the things. This will give you the idea about the use of both, when clubbed.

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This one is an agile process that is used usually to project the team work in company. There are three basic things that are covered here – team work, self organizing and accountability.

  • Team work is to support the team work in its own. The system will be working with the entire team and this team will be getting through the different supports at ease.
  • Self Organizing is to enable the team members scope to be in the team effectively. Unless the team members are self organized, you will not be able to bind them in the form of a team.
  • Accountability is the part that the scrum members will be doing to analyze their project status, their team condition and their agenda ahead.


CMMI is the collection of all the processes which the company applies to improve its performance. It has two interim processes, collecting which, the entire process runs – staged and continuous.

  • Staged functions are already developed and cannot be customized. You can apply it to understand the current position and the status to be followed.
  • On the other end, continuous process will have no base platform. It can be customized at any level ensuring that the users can create their own set of questions and answers.

Effect of clubbing

Now when these two systems are clubbed together, one thing is clear – assessment of the team will be done at the same time when they are performing. Here are the top outcomes that will be generating for the company –

  • Since the outcome is to be censored at the time of output, two things will be happening here simultaneously – performance and observation. Hence the work will be monitored instantly and no separate time is needed to analyze the same. On the other hand, the work generated will be assessed instantly. Hence the management and the owner of the product will instantly identify the faults in the process.
  • The second thing is in the correction part. Since CMMI is to improve the performance of the team, instant ideas will be generated so that the output can be even more developed. So, the time allocated by the company for assessment and improvement of output is not needed separately. It will be done instantly and measures will be taken then and there.

Thus, these two things when clubbed can be very much supportive for the company. You can even be a part of that system, when you go through the Agile And Scrum Training In Mumbai. Check that and find the right help in your organization. The first thing that you will find is a promotion and that will be added with better earning.