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‘The Martian VR experience’ to debut at CES 2016

Hollywood’s getting serious about moving beyond those old cardboard 3D glasses. The 21st Century Fox entertainment conglomerate said that it has a deal to buy a minority stake in a

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Jump up and down to charge your phone

LAS VEGAS: A little exercise not only does your body good, it can charge up your smartphone. Evanston, Illinois-based Ampy showed off its Ampy Move, a wearable battery pack that

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Tech tethers dog lovers remotely to their pets

LAS VEGAS: Gadgets galore are letting dog lovers stay connected to their pets even when they can’t take canine companions with them on the go. A sea of innovations on

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Touch-free car controls split world’s drivers

LAS VEGAS: Germans love the latest wave of touch-free car controls, which respond to the flick of a wrist or the swipe of a hand, as it means no messy

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