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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising comes to NVIDIA Shield

Russia and China have entered a conflict over oil on a remote island that it is threatening to erupt into all-out global war. Your mission, should you choose to accept

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Capcom Discusses Dragon’s Dogma PC Port, Possible Sequel

Action role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is set to arrive on Windows PCs this week after the announcement last September, and the game’s Japanese developer Capcom – known for

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Powerful Replacement in Works for US Climate-Modelling Supercomputer

One of the most powerful computers in the world dedicated to climate change, weather and other earth science research will be replaced in 2017 by an even faster machine, officials

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CES 2016: 5 hottest car technologies on display

Powerful computers that can drive better than people, high-definition road maps and low-cost sensors are about to remove some big barriers to self-driving cars. Some breakthrough features will come to

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